Agricultural Resource Conservation

Lehigh County Conservation District is dedicated to assisting the agricultural community with conserving their natural resources.  LCCD can help farmers develop their Conservation Plans.  Conservation Planning addresses resource concerns like stream bank erosion, soil erosion, and protecting water quality.  In addition, Conservation Plans can be used to fulfill an operation’s obligations to have an agricultural E&S Plan under PA State law.

Conservation planning is the first step in identifying and implementing needed BMPs such as swales, grassed waterways, conservation crop rotations, and animal heavy use area improvements.

The Agricultural Resource Conservationist at LCCD can help you to develop your Conservation Plan.  In addition, the Agricultural Resource Conservationist can help you to implement your plan.  Conservation planning, design work, prescribed pasture plans, and other assistance are all free services that the LCCD provides to the Lehigh County agricultural community.

After the planning is done, the Agricultural Resource Conservationist will help to implement the plan and any needed BMPs.  While LCCD does not directly fund the implementation of BMPs, we can actively seek out other funding sources, such as NRCS EQIP funding, REAP tax credits,  Growing Greener grants, or from other sources.

The Agricultural Resource Conservationist also administers the Nutrient Management Program for Lehigh County as well as assists farmers and horse owners in completing their Manure Management Manuals.

In order to request assistance from LCCD, a farmer or landowner must use the  REQUEST FOR CONSERVATION DISTRICT TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE form.  You can find the form here.

Since 2008, 48 farmers have requested technical and planning assistance covering 2,200 acres.  That is in addition to thousands of acres that have already had conservation plans prior to 2008.  This equates to thousands of tons of topsoil conserved and remaining on the county's farm fields instead of washing to our streams.

If you have resource concerns on your land that need addressed, please contact the Agricultural Resource Conservationist at 610-391-9583 extension 26.