Manure Management

In 2011, Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection released the new Manure Management Manual called Land Application of Manure.  All farms in Pennsylvania, with the exception of farms regulated under the Act 38 Nutrient Management Program, which either produce or use manure must develop a manure management plan using the Manure Management Manual.  The video below explains more:

After the plan is developed, you can leave it at your barn.  It does not need to be submitted for approval, but must be made available upon request.

Contact the Agricultural Resource Conservationist to get a copy of the Manure Management Manual or for assistance in developing your manure management plan.

Frequently asked questions about the Manure Management Manual:

How many animals do I need to have before I need a manure management plan?

State law says that any operation, regardless of size, that produces manure needs a manure management plan. This would mean that a small flock of chickens, one horse, or one pig would require you to develop a manure management plan.

I give all my manure away to neighbors or another farm; do I still need a manure management plan?

Yes, all farms that produce manure must have a plan; however, once that manure is given away, it is no longer your responsibility.

All of my animals are pastured and they apply my manure, do I still need a plan?

Yes, but your plan will differ greatly from those that apply manure on crop fields.

What other documents are needed for the Manure Management Plan?

A map of your operation (can be hand drawn) is required.  Depending on your operation you may need crop records, weights of animals, soil tests, and manure tests.

I have an Act 38 Nutrient Management Plan; do I still need a Manure Management Plan?

No, Act 38 plans fulfill your obligations under Pennsylvania state law.

Where can I get the Manure Management Manual?

You can get one by stopping by the Lehigh County Conservation District office at 4184 Dorney Park Road, Allentown.
You can also download the entire thing to your computer at the DEP's website.